PCA Skin Retinoid Treatments

6% Pure Retinol Peel

For physicians’ office use only. This retinoid peel results in dramatic exfoliation, brightening and lifting discoloration for an overall smoother, even skin tone.

  • 6% Pure Retinol Peel is indicated for people with moderate to severe discoloration and normal to resilient skin.
  • This peel is appropriate for treating the visible signs of aging, as well as those with sallow or dull complexions.
  • Patients should expect dramatic peeling and sheeting beginning two to three days post-treatment and lasting for up to ten days.

4% Pure Retinol Peel

For skin in need of rejuvenation, this retinoid peel smoothes, brightens and evens skin tone through increased cell turnover and peeling

  • 4% Pure Retinol Peel is indicated for all skin types in need of rejuvenation
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and smooths the skin’s texture
  • Patients should expect peeling and/or sheeting for up to a week following their treatment