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Vanquish ME

At  Island Lotus Health & Wellness, we offer the latest in technological advances to create optimal body contouring results. Our Vanquish Maximum Energy™ (ME) treatments provide long-lasting fat removal without surgery or downtime. 

Vanquish is part of our comprehensive range of treatment options to provide you with ideal results. 

While most fat reduction treatments target isolated areas of excess fat, Vanquish ME™ features non-contact technology that melts fat through radiofrequency, managing you from love handle to love handle across the entire abdomen and offering the largest spot size coverage in the industry. Vanquish ME™ also has its own applicator for legs.

During treatment with the Vanquish ME™, patients achieve cumulative circumferential reduction of the waistline, creating a slimmer waistline and a flatter stomach. Vanquish ME™ utilizes non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) technology to gently target fat cells without causing irritation or damage to skin or surrounding tissues.

During the heating process, the high-efficiency RF energy is delivered evenly across the area but creates no pain, with most patients reporting a warm, soothing experience. No anesthesia or medication is necessary for Vanquish ME™ treatment, and patients return to normal activities immediately.

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